Spindini now open

Last night as I was walking to Trolley Tour, I passed Spindini, the Grisanti family’s new restaurant at 383 S. Main, and noticed it was open. My friend Bruce was working the door. “Come on in, take a look around,” he said. The place is beautiful – elegant-looking bar that seems to go on forever, as long as the one at the Majestic or even longer. “We’ve been open since Wednesday,” Bruce told me. “But tonight is the first night we’ve had a full bar, because the liquor delivery went to 383 N. Main by mistake.” Oops.

Before I hit Trolley Tour, I stopped by (where else) the Saucer for a beer. We got talking on the subject of Sunday brunches… the guy standing next to me at the bar told me the Huevos Rancheros on Zanzibar’s Sunday brunch menu are outstanding. I also picked up a recommendation for the Sunday brunch at the Majestic Grille, although I don’t see details about it anywhere on their site. I know the Majestic people read this blog… if something special goes on for Sunday brunch, shoot me an e-mail and let me know.

Speaking of the Majestic, I see they have their new menu up on their site. Can’t wait to try the filet au poivre, a peppercorn-encrusted filet with Dijon mustard brandy sauce which appears to be the standout among the new menu items.

Trolley Tour was all right… ran into my friend Shane and we hit a few of the galleries, which was a real treat because Shane is an artist himself, and it was interesting to see his reaction to the work on display. After that we hit Earnestine & Hazel’s and played pool on what must be the worst pool table in the city – threadbare felt, cue ball that doesn’t always return when someone scratches, cue sticks that are taped together with duct tape, no chalk. But because it’s E&H the pool table absolutely fits in with the rest of the decor. I love E&H. I forgot to go upstairs and visit Nate though.

After a few games, Shane got pissed off when one of our opponents tried to talk on the cell phone to one of her girlfriends and shoot at the same time, and walked away from the game. We then walked up to the Tap Room on Beale, where I visited my mug and shot a few more games. About 1:00 I stumbled into Huey’s for a Texas Toast burger to go, and that was the end of the night. Mmmm… that was a good burger… think I’ll have another one tomorrow night when I go to see The Dempseys.

Bumped into Semi-Charmed Kat and her Ptolemy friends last night on South Main. One of them asked if I graduated from Ole Miss, and I had to say to myself, “Take it easy, Paul, she isn’t trying to insult you.” Kat and her friends are planning their annual Poker Run, which apparently is one of the big reasons people join Ptolemy. “It’s on a Sunday, and you get to hop from bar to bar downtown, and drink,” they explained to me. Sounds like what I do every Sunday.

(Note: People who don’t have a sense of humor about religion, stop reading now)

Drunken thought I had last night while munching on my Texas Toast burger: You know how people sometimes say “Jesus H. Christ!” when they’re shocked or upset? Well, that gave me an idea for a take off on the “W: The President” bumper sticker – how about one that reads “H: The Gospel.” Hmmm… maybe I need to open a new CafePress store and start selling those.

And that’s the Saturday morning post. Plans for today: A trip to Office Depot to buy a business card creator program (I ordered one online last month but it never shipped) and some laptop screen cleaner. After that I’ll take the laptop someplace where there’s Wi-Fi and waitresses in miniskirts and get to work on learning CSS. Probably won’t go out tonight, although I could change my mind if something interesting comes up.

Coming soon: The most interesting non-profits from the expo I attended, and a new T-shirt I bought from a company with a really cool product line.