da bears.

Since the teams for the Super Bowl were determined a little over a week ago, I’ve been trying to figure out who to root for. After a lot of mental debate, I have decided that I will be pulling for the Chicago Bears. Here’s why:

1) I’ll be going to a Super Bowl party at Barton Flats, and the hosts are from Chicago. It would be rather rude to go there and then pull for the other team;

2) At my old job – the one I quit last April – the corporate client I managed who was by far the most annoying/demanding was located in Indianapolis;

3) Peyton = blah. The guy bores me. I just can’t find any reason to get excited about him. I understand he’s Archie’s son and Archie is a big deal around here, but still… yawn.

Therefore, I’m for Chicago.

Some big posts coming soon… within a couple of days I’ll be rolling out a site that is something of a big deal… I’ll also be telling you about a new organization focusing on networking, career development, and corporate social responsibility.

Off for a 4-hour meeting with Microsoft engineers. Fun.