NyQuil hallucinations

Took some NyQuil last night to fight off the bug that seems to be going around lately, particularly at my office. It led to some interesting dreams.

In the first dream, I attended the black-tie carinval coronation ball that fellow bloggers Ptolemy Kat and Philip attended last Saturday at the University Club. Only in my dream the ball wasn’t at the University Club, but at the Greyhound bus station downtown.

I’m not sure which is more absurd, a black-tie event at a bus station, or me in a tuxedo. I can just see them trying to announce the krewe’s royalty for the year. “And this year’s… no, sir, I’m sorry, I don’t have ’bout fitty-two cent… this year’s queen… no, sir, I don’t have a cigarette either… this year’s queen is Qu… SIR, I’M TRYING TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT HERE, NO I DON’T HAVE A DOLLAR!… Queen Kathryn.”

Maybe their carnival krewe should look into booking next year’s coronation ball at the Greyhound station. Of course, they’d have to give it a cutesy-poo abbreviated name (they call the University Club the “U-Club”) to show everyone that they’re in like Flynn with the place. Hmmm… the “G-station” or the “b-station” just isn’t very sexy… how about the “G-spot?”

For my second dream, I was driving down Union Avenue, but as I approached the I-240 bridge the street was under construction and there were all kinds of detour ramps. I tried to find the ramp that corresponded to Highway 56, which was Union’s highway number in my dream (but not in real life). But I soon got all confused and ended up going the wrong way down one of the other ramps. I had to get out of my car, pick it up, and carry it out of harm’s way. Apparently I work out more in my dreams than I do in everyday reality.

So then I carried my car up a flight of stairs, and I was then in an airport terminal, looking for gate 56. I think I found my gate, but I can’t remember if I ever made it home. Next time I drive in one of my dreams I’m going to have to take Madison, instead of Union, when I head downtown.

In the third dream, I attended some kind of reception in a big convention-center type building out in the eastern part of town. It seemed to be a good event, but I was a bit concerned that there was a live tiger in the middle of the room, with only a fence made of some flimsy tarps holding him back. No one else seemed to care that the tiger was there. Sure enough, he bounded right over the fence and headed straight for me. He bit my hand, but I managed to run to the building entrance and I got a closed door in between the tiger and me. A moment later someone walked out and the tiger followed him through the door, but I walked in just as the tiger walked out, again escaping him.

As I walked back through the building, I spotted a lion walking around. Again, no one seemed to be concerned, but I decided enough was enough. I walked out the back door, figuring I’d circle the building, keeping a fair distance in case the tiger was still outside, and eventually I’d get back to the parking lot and my car. I didn’t see the tiger, but I did encounter a rhinoceros. Luckily he was a small rhino, he didn’t seem that interested in charging me, and I was able to climb up a hill that was too steep for him to follow. I made it to my car and got out of there.

I’m pretty sure there were one or two other dreams as well but the details escape me. Wow, those were some wild ones. Now I understand why the downtown bums chug entire bottles of NyQuil. It definitely puts you in an altered state of mind.