Quick Friday update

The city schools are closed today! Yay! So I’m sitting at the Union Avenue branch office getting some side work done.

AngieDawn wanted me to let everyone know that, although the Net Impact event on the 8th at EP’s (see my previous post) starts at 5:30 PM, it’s definitely okay to show up later. She realizes that a lot of people will be coming in from East Memphis and may not get there until 6:30 or even later than that. That’s fine – there will still be plenty of time to net work at get information about Net Impact. “Our official meeting will go until 7:30 (including the networking), and hopefully, some people will stay for dinner even after that.” So come on down to EP’s, whenever you can.

Regular blog reader Shane e-mailed to inform me that the Tap Room has put a stage back in for the weekend, and they will indeed be hosting bands for the International Blues Challenge tonight. I’ll probably buy a wristband to get access to all the clubs, but the Tap Room is by far my favorite – good people, and PBR on tap.

Speaking of Shane, he designed a logo for me, which I’m going to print on some business cards later today:

Pretty cool, huh? Kind of has that “Downtown Paul” feeling to it. Maybe the next time I redesign my blog I’ll use it as the logo. Shane’s a very talented artist – check out his MySpace page for more of his work.

All right… got a lot of invites and eVites and crap to send out today, so I’m gonna log off and get some work done. Happy weekend, and be careful driving home if you had to work today.

You’re invited to the Net Impact kickoff, Thursday, February 8 at EP’s

Everyone is invited to the kickoff of a new organization, Net Impact Memphis, on Thursday, February 8 at 5:30 PM, at EP’s Delta Kitchen at the corner of Second and Beale. There will be networking, drink specials, and information about a wonderful new professional organization coming to Memphis.

So what is Net Impact and why would you want to check it out?

Net Impact is a national organization of professionals, MBAs, nonprofit leaders, and students committed to social responsibility through business. There are professional and student chapters in many cities across the U.S. This will be the first professional chapter in the state of Tennessee; there is a student chapter at the Owen School of Business at Vanderbilt.

Net Impact members nationwide have used the national organization’s resources to effect positive social change through their work. One member convinced her office’s cafeteria to replace styrofoam cups with biodegradable ones. Another member led an initiative to teach workers to file documents electronically, rather than printing out each and every e-mail to be filed in a folder. This, of course, saved reams and reams of paper. These are just a couple of examples… as a member you’ll have access to a wealth of educational materials online, as well as the opportunity to be inspired through hearing notable speakers and attending conventions.

You’ll also have the advantage of networking with like-minded people, and you’ll have access to Net Impact’s career development program. Many NI members find a mentor within the organization to guide them in their careers. There’s also a members-only job board, and if you consider moving to another city, there will likely be a NI chapter there to help you get oriented.

There will also be a national Net Impact conference in November, to be held in Nashville, and we’re hoping to field a strong Memphis delegation.

So, if it sounds like something you’d be interested in, by all means come to EP’s on the 8th. There will be no obligation to join; however, if you choose the $50 Full membership (which is the one I’ll be getting), you get access to all of NI’s resources, and as a bonus you’ll get a 20% off coupon for EP’s. There are also other membership levels available: Free, for those who want to take NI for a test drive first; and Lifetime ($300), for those who fall in love with the organization and want to jump in with both feet.

Note: Net Impact Memphis is not related to Mpact Memphis, other than the fact that they both have the letters “mpact” in their names.

If you have questions, the person to ask would be fellow blogger AngieDawn, who is founding the Memphis chapter. You can also check out the www.memphisnetimpact.org website. You can also check out the national site.

Other notes:

  • One more reminder: The Dempseys at the Saucer, tonight, 9:30. Of course, I’m sure it won’t be as good as last Sunday’s show at Huey’s, since big-name, world-famous, A-list celebrity Rob Corddry (aka “THE” Rob Corddry) won’t be there. It was such an honor to be graced with his presence Sunday night. Shame on Huey’s for not rolling out a red carpet through the restaurant’s entranceway for him.
  • The Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge is happening this weekend at the clubs on Beale Street. Wristband access to all the clubs is available for $10 tonight and $15 tomorrow night. This will probably end up being my plan for tomorrow night. Wonder if the Tap Room is participating this year, now that they’ve taken the stage out?

That’s all for now… got an appointment to get to.

A Better, Bigger Deal

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my latest website: A Better, Bigger Deal.

As many of you remember, from April to December of last year, I wrote a second blog, for the local newspaper. Every Sunday I looked through the ads that ran in the Sunday paper, and picked out the best Deals on consumer electronics and computers.

Something always bothered me, though. I’d find what I considered to be the best deal of the week in the Sunday paper, and then find that even that deal was beaten by online retailers, especially Amazon.com. Of course, the idea was to promote the newspaper, so I couldn’t mention those sources. I felt like I wasn’t really bringing my readers the best information.

I also got tired of having an additional responsibility to fulfill every Sunday morning, on my day off. So in early December I quit.

A Better, Bigger Deal addresses those concerns. In it I will pull the best Deals from everywhere – the newspaper ads, online sources, or wherever else I happen to find them. Also, since online retailers don’t always follow Sunday-to-Saturday schedules, I plan on posting Deals as soon as I find them, hopefully far more often than once a week. So be sure to check back every day… for the first few Deals I’ll alert you on this blog that there’s a new Better, Bigger Deal to see.

In my first post, I take a look at inexpensive computers running the new Windows Vista operating system, and question whether they really qualify as Deals. Comments will be enabled on this blog, although I haven’t got them working yet… I’m using WordPress 2.1 to publish A Better, Bigger Deal and am still figuring out its nuances.

It’s also my first CSS-based web layout. I tested it in Firefox and IE 6; if you’re using a different browser and it looks funny, let me know.

So, check it out and be sure to bookmark www.better-bigger-deal.com.

P.S. I don’t know why the Sharp Dressed Bum post is there twice… I tried to log into Blogger and delete the extra one, but it doesn’t show up in my posts. I guess it’ll just have to stay there.