South Philly hoagies now available at High Point Coffee on Union

The High Point Coffee location on Union Avenue now carries pre-made hoagies from Downtown’s South Philly restaurant. So if you work in Midtown, it’s a good place to stop for lunch – they have a hoagie, chips and drink combo for $6.50.

Congrats to the Rapscallions on their second-place finish at trivia last night… we now have our first gift certificate in the stash ($25) toward the next party. One of the questions was, “Name the four countries that have one-syllable names,” and you’d think that team member Chad would have come up with “Chad” as one of the answers but someone else got it. We figured out two of the others – France and Spain – but got stuck on the fourth. Then Chad asked, “Is Crete a country? Or is it part of Greece?,” not even realizing that he had inadvertently come up with the fourth correct answer.

Chad is also in the doghouse with the Nuh-Uh Girl for not mentioning to me that it was her birthday last Saturday, so I could wish her a happy birthday on my blog. Happy belated birthday to the Nuh-Uh Girl.