Rock, paper, scissors tonight @ the Saucer, 9-11 PM

We Downtown Memphians definitely find some strange excuses to go out and drink… we just got done spending a weekend looking at a stuffed billy goat hoisted up on a platform on Beale Street, and now this – rock, paper, scissors.

Needless to say, I’ve been training all weekend for this event. I ran 10 miles yesterday and did an hour on the stairmaster, and today I plan to eat pasta for lunch in order to “carb up” to be ready for rock, paper, scissors tonight. I’ve also spent much of this morning practicing, since practice is key to mastering the game. You have to have the fundamentals down pat, so that the key plays of the game (for example, throwing a rock, or throwing paper, or throwing scissors) are second nature. I think I’m ready, although I wish I had known about this event earlier so I could have had an extra month or two to train.

If tonight goes well, I may consider turning pro and joining the USA Rock Paper Scissors League. There’s a $50,000 tournament in Las Vegas later this spring and I think I’ve got as good a shot as anyone else at taking home that cash prize.