Rock, paper, scissors and other drunk pics

Tonight in the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament, I went out in the second round. Although, I have to say, all the waitresses were rooting for me. I have another chance next Monday and the winner goes on to a Memphis All-Stars tournament April 7, the winner of that going to Vegas in May to have a chance at $50,000.

Here’s a pic of regular blog reader Clonts, fighting for his life in the second round:

I was also at the Saucer Sunday night, where for some reason I felt the need to put a sofa cushion on my head:

We all ordered Blue Moon or Lienenkugel Sunset Wheat and everyone got 2 orange slices in our beer except me (I got 1). I asked our waitress, “Don’t you love me?” and then I got

5 oranges!!! Someone loves me! Our waitress had boots on and I commented that they should be fur-lined. “They are,” she said, and proceeded to turn her boots inside out. “Show us your fur,” I said, and luckily she didn’t catch the double entendre there.

Here’s another pic of us as we watched the Tigers move on to the Sweet Sixteen:

And that’s all for now. Off to bed.