It’s true: 25-cent draft at Pat O’s tonight 6-8, and Tuesday specials as well

Thanks to regular blog reader Mendi for the info… there is indeed 25-cent draft at Pat O’Brien’s tonight, from 6 to 8. She also informed me that there are specials on Tuesdays as well, 2 for 1 beers until midnight and select drinks until 10.

What do you tip on a 25-cent beer? Even a 100% tip is still lousy – that’s only a quarter, and since I’ve become friends with so many service industry people downtown, I have a firm belief in tipping well. I guess I’ll give them a dollar for each beer and tell them to keep the change… that’s a 300% tip, pretty good, but still, I don’t think I’ve tipped less than a dollar a beer since I moved downtown (except for the infamous “47 and change” incident last October, but that was a unique set of circumstances).

Eh. I’ll just start tipping them 75 cents on 25 and see what everyone else does. Heading out now… gonna walk around and enjoy the sunshine a bit, then Frenchie’s bar, then possibly a trip to the Saucer to see if I can recruit any other regulars there to take a field trip to Pat O’s. Should be at Pat O’s no later than 7.