Plans for the rest of this week

The week’s half over! Let’s see what’s going on for the remainder:

– Tonight: Someone told me that they thought Pat O’Brien’s had 25 cent beer on Wednesdays. Can anyone confirm this, and tell me the hours? I may have to walk down there and check this out for myself – worst case scenario, it’s not true and I’m forced to drink a Hurricane instead. Oh darn.

Actually, that may NOT be the worst case scenario. Worst case scenario, the 25 cent beer rumor IS true but I have to deal with a room full of frat guys in fluorescent-colored polo shirts with the collar turned up, khakis, brown belts and brown loafers yelling “Wooooooooooo!” (the mating call of the North American frat guy) while I drink my cheap beer.

I haven’t been to see Frenchie at the Russwood Park Grill/Holiday Inn Select in over a week, so I’ll try to get by there tonight as well.

– Tomorrow: Looks like the gang is convening at Hooters to watch the (2) Memphis vs. (3) Texas A&M game and then (1) Ohio State vs. (5) Tennessee. They decided on Hooters because Hooters has the NCAA package, so they can also watch the other two games at the same time, which are (?) Team I Don’t Care About vs. (?) Team I Don’t Care About and (?) Team I Don’t Care About vs. (?) Team I Don’t Care About. Meh. I may skip this one. Last time I went to Hooters the prices were high and some of the staff looked like they should have been in a kennel rather than a restaurant.

By the way… last night I stopped by the Majestic to say hello to Tifaney with one “f” and an “e” (her parents apparently thought, “let’s give her a name that no one will EVER spell correctly”), and they had ESPN sports commentary on one of the TVs. They said that the regional final in the South looks to be good, with Ohio State vs. Texas A&M likely to be a good game. Um. We’re the 2 seed. A&M is the 3. Isn’t it a BIT presumptuous to just assume that A&M will beat us and go on to the regional championship game? Typical of the lack of respect the U of M gets in the national media.

– Friday I’ll be going to the Blue Worm on Airways for NewVo Blues’ first event. I blogged about this one on Monday – a blues dance lesson at 7, a home-cooked dinner and informal discussion at 9, and dancing with a live band and DJ at 10:30. I’ve never been to the Worm but one of the group organizers tells me it’s a lot of fun – I suspect that I may be about to stumble upon one of the hidden gems of the Memphis club scene.

– Saturday I’m getting together with some friends for a private beer tasting in the early evening. After that, don’t know. One option is the Memphis International Film Festival awards party at The Warehouse (36 G.E. Patterson), open to the public, $10 cover (free for festival attendees) includes beverages and munchies. Warehouse parties are always a lot of fun, and might be a good chance to meet a new group of people.

The Mpact Memphis party of the year will also be happening that night, out at the Botanic Gardens. $40 cover, James Bond theme (the official title is “Casino Royale”), cash bar, casino games. Just curious, who all is going to this? I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the effort to drive out east (which means I’d have to go real light at the beer tasting) and dress up in Bond attire. Mpact does have a history of throwing kick-ass parties of the year though. Personally undecided on this one, but people who like the kind of socialite/young-professional parties that Ptolemy Kat writes about on her blog should definitely consider putting this on their social calendar.

Hey, Mpact finally updated their website! It’s about time. Looks good.

– Sunday: Brunch, served by bartender Tifaney with one “f” and an “e” at the Majestic. Afternoon remains undecided – I usually go see my waitresses at the Saucer after I get done with brunch, but with the awesome forecast (supposed to be in the low 80s Sunday, and no high below 78 anytime in the next week) I’d kind of like to be outside.

However, Sunday evening I’ll be inside – at DOWNTOWN HUEY’S where THE DEMPSEYS will be playing!!!!!!!!!! Best band downtown, best place downtown to see them. Band starts at 8:30 but I recommend getting there no later than 8 to get good seats.

– There’s also an ad for Sauces in the new Memphis Flyer that came out today: “Attention Sleep Out Louie’s crowd! Sauces is looking for you! Visit us soon for great Happy Hour specials!” So it looks like we can add Sauces to the list of Downtown hangouts (which already includes the Majestic Grille, Big Foot Lodge, and Russwood Park Grill/Holiday Inn Select) which have taken very good care of us since we lost our home.

All right, that’s enough for now… got a second post – a warm-weather related post – that I’m gonna try to squeeze into this lunch hour, so be on the lookout for more.