You can be famous! Your picture on this blog!

Here’s an opportunity for you to make yourself famous. Every June I do a special feature called Tube Top Month right here in this blog, designed to promote the buying and wearing of the tube top, in my opinion the greatest fashion item ever made. For the entire month every post will mention tube tops in some way, and/or will include pictures of people wearing tube tops.

Of course, that means I need to start collecting tube top pics, and now that the weather is getting warm (as I mentioned in the previous post, forecast highs of 78 or higher in Memphis for the next week), now is the time. So, if you’d like to be famous, with your pic in one of the city’s most well-read blogs, here’s your chance. All you have to do is either

1) If you see me out around town, and you have a tube top on, stop me and ask me to take your picture. I always carry my digital camera on me, except when I’m at work. Or,

2) Snap a pic of yourself in a tube top and send it to me.

I won’t include your name with the tube top pic when I post it, unless you specifically request it, since most people prefer to remain anonymous. Also, keep in mind that although I’m starting to collect the pics now, I don’t plan on posting them until June.

I’d also be interested in talking to any clothing store who would be interested in offering my readers discounts on tube tops for the month of June, in exchange for some free advertising on this blog.

Help make Memphis beautiful! Let’s see those tube tops!