A zombie massacre is coming to Downtown Memphis 5/25/07

This morning I received an e-mail from the undead, asking me to let my blog readers know that a Zombie Massacre is coming to Downtown Memphis Friday, May 25. I certainly wouldn’t want to offend the undead, so I’m happy to post the links they sent me.


Their latest blog entry explains how you can become a part of the zombie attack. They tell me that more details will be dribbling out in the weeks to come – “it’s a slow tease,” the undead explain.

So let’s see here… a couple of weeks ago we raised a stuffed billy goat up on a platform and drank beer. Last night we had a rock-paper-scissors tournament. We used to have a bar that did fish races in rain gutters. And now we have a zombie massacre. You can’t say there’s not plenty to do here in Downtown Memphis.