One step closer to Vegas

Tonight was the second of two Rock-Paper-Scissors tournaments at the Flying Saucer, with the top two from tonight’s tournament to advance to a larger tournament Downtown, and the winner of that to go to Las Vegas for 4 nights and 3 days, all expenses paid, for a $50,000 national tournament.

I dedicated the first round (in a field of 32) to my beautiful waitresses and won in two straight (all matches were two out of three). Then things got interesting in the round of sixteen when I, the Downtown blogger, went head to head with Ryan Jones, the Midtown blogger. First time I had ever met him face to face… what a way to meet! It went to the third and deciding round and I took him down… Downtown defeats Midtown, but I did have the home court advantage.

As they called me up for the Elite Eight I pointed to the sky and said, “Grandmama, I know you’re not here in person to see this, but you’re looking down on me somewhere and I know you’re proud.” And sure enough, I advanced to the Final Four. My opponent, I quickly realized, was sitting next to me on the couch, and his friends tried to pump me for strategy and I gave them misinformation. I went on to defeat him to make it to the final two.

I lost the championship round, but since the top two were invited it didn’t matter…. I’m still in. The next round is tentatively at TJ Mulligan’s on Saturday, April 7. I don’t have a time but will post it when I get it, and from talking to the Bud Light people who ran the tournament, it sounds like event the location isn’t 100% confirmed. Winner of that tournament goes to Vegas the second weekend in May, all expenses paid, for the chance for 50 grand.