First Britney Spears, now Donald Trump?

Earlier this month all the tabloids were carrying photos of Britney Spears sporting a shaved head… come tomorrow, Donald Trump could be the latest celebrity to sport a chrome dome.

You see, tomorrow is WrestleMania, and WWE chairman Vince McMahon challenged Trump to a hair vs. hair Battle of the Billionaires. Now, since no one wants to see two 60-year-old men wrestle, they each picked a representative to do battle for them. Mr. McMahon chose Samoan savage Umaga, who has been running roughshod over the Monday Night RAW roster. Trump chose strongman Bobby Lashley, the current ECW World Heavyweight Champion. If Umaga wins, Trump’s head gets shaved; if Lashley wins, it’s McMahon who loses his hair. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will be the special guest referee.

In other matches, John Cena defends the WWE title against “Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker challenges Batista for Smackdown’s version of the World title.