Cool service for sending large files

One of the hassles my friends and I face is picture sharing. There will be four or five of us with digital cameras taking pictures at an event, and afterward it’s a challenge to get all the pics together in one place. Each person will have 20-100 MB of pics so they’re too big to attach to an e-mail message, and running around burning CDs or transferring files onto memory sticks can be a pain.

Couple of days ago I found a solution… there’s a site called that lets you upload files up to 2 GB in size. Once the files are uploaded, it gives you two links – a download link, and a delete link if you decide you don’t want the files there anymore. You can then mail the download link to whomever you wish.

I gave it a try and it worked pretty well – the only thing is, the interface is SO simple it almost makes you wonder if you’re doing it right. There are no logins at all, either for the uploader or downloader. Also, in Classic Upload mode (which it asks that you use for large files) there’s no status bar. It took me 45 minutes to upload a 100 MB test file (cable modem upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds) and I almost closed out of it because I didn’t think it was working… so give it some time, the “upload complete” message will eventually appear.

Give it a try. Looks like a good solution to our picture-trading problem.