Quick Sunday update

The Highland-Walker fest wasn’t as big a deal as I had hoped. I had heard they were going to block Highland off, but no, just one block of Walker. There were only about 15 crafts booths as opposed to the 300+ you find at Cooper-Young. I got there about 2, and they were having beer races (similar to the downtown wine race) and the security guy told me the band would start at 4. I didn’t feel like sticking around until then, so I ate a burrito at Blue Coast and then left.

I did get to stop by Buster’s Liquors on the way home and replenish my liquor cabinet. Unfortunately I didn’t have the wine recommendations all of you sent me (thanks everyone by the way, and I’ll post a summary later this week) so I played it safe – picked up a couple of bottles of Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay ($4.99 each!) which I know is good, and a bottle of Rosemount Diamond Label Chardonnay ($8.99). I went to a Rosemount tasting a couple of years ago at the downtown Blue Monkey and it was the only tasting I’ve ever attended where ALL the wines were excellent.

I also bought new bottles of Maker’s Mark and Ston vodka, which I’ve been without since February, when I donated a bottle of each to the Super Bowl party. So I’m fully stocked and ready to go now. Should probably get some cranberry juice in the apartment for mixers though.

Schedule for today:

11:00-11:59: Mimosas at the Majestic
12:00: Arrive at crawfish fest.
12:01: Walk past the “500 lbs. of crawfish free at noon” line (they give you a little styrofoam cup full – it really isn’t bothering with). Count how many of downtown’s panhandlers have shown up for the free handout.
12:05: Buy a bucket of crawfish. Will probably take them to Barton Flats’ rooftop to eat.
12:50: Decide I’m full with a third of my bucket of crawfish to go. Give the remainder away.
12:55: Get fussed at by the Nuh-Uh Girl for giving someone else besides her my leftover crawfish.
1:00-6:00: Back on the street all afternoon for the festival. I tend to be a wanderer at these things, not someone who stays in one location for very long.
6:00-?: At some point I’ll stop by the Saucer for at least one beer. Who knows though… my post-6:00 plans will probably be figured out between 1 and 6.

Weather forecast: High 81, low 64. Ladies, that sounds like tube top weather… don’t forget, I’ll have the camera on me, so if you want your tube top pic in my blog just ask me to take one.