Deals: Restaurants and mid-sized MP3 players

I’m dropping my other blog, the “Better, Bigger Deal” one… I simply don’t have time to update two blogs on a regular basis. What I’ll do instead is report on Deals here from time to time. A lot more people read this blog anyway.

From now until the end of the month, you can get 60% off gift certificates bought through the links on the left of this blog, through my Memphis Discount Dining site, or through my national affiliate partner Just use code APRIL at checkout and hit “Recalculate total.”

In addition, with every order you place, you’ll get a bonus $10 gift certificate, free of charge. This is the best promotion I’ve ever seen them roll out, so make sure to get your order in before the end of the month.

Also, today I became aware of a GREAT deal on mid-sized MP3 players. Creative Labs is putting two of their players on closeout, and for a limited time you can get a 5 GB player for $69.99, or a 6 GB player for $79.99. These are refurbished units, but as I’ve explained before, refurbished electronics come with the same warranty as new units, and often have to pass even more rigorous testing before they’re allowed to be sold. So there’s no need to be scared. Click the link below to get a player that holds 5-6 times as much as a similarly priced iPod shuffle.

Save on Refurbished Zen Micro 5 GB!!