This is gonna be a super-quick one. A couple of rumors I heard while hanging out on my rooftop last night:

– The old Empire Coffee location at Madison and Main is apparently being converted into a shoe store. Hope they don’t cover the ceiling.

– I also heard that the people renovating the Lincoln-American Tower expect to have people moving in about 9 months from now, and there may be a Starbucks in the building.

I haven’t confirmed either of these (what do I look like, a real journalist?) so if you have any more info let me know.

Also, I read in the Commercial Appeal this morning that there will be a Music Fest after-party at Handy Park (Third at Beale) from 8 PM to 1:30 AM Friday and Saturday nights. I’m definitely going to be there Saturday, because a group I’ve been wanting to hear for a long time will perform – Lord T and Eloise. Several of my friends have told me I must see them, that they’re developing a cult following here in Memphis… apparently it’s a couple of rich, aristocratic Memphis University School grads who do hardcore rap. If anyone knows exactly what time they’re playing Saturday let me know.

And that’ll do it for now. Much more to come, when I get some time to post.