Been sitting here trying to type up my experiences at my 20-year high school reunion this weekend. I keep typing partial paragraphs and then not liking them and hitting Delete. So I’m going to keep this brief:

– One of the high points was running into a girl who, like me in high school, tended to keep to herself. She didn’t go to the 10-year reunion (I did go), thinking, what’s the point. And then in her 30s (like me) she blossomed and became totally happy and fulfilled… and she just gave off the BEST energy. It was great to talk to her. And it was interesting because we took two different paths – she got married, had a kid and found her ideal job; I moved to Downtown Memphis and found an incredible group of friends/social network and started a blog. But even though our paths were different, I could recognize it in her, and she in me.

– MySpace is awesome. From 1997 to early 2007, our class had virtually no contact with each other. Then around March of this year, a member of the class put up a MySpace page and 40 of us added the “Class of ’87” page as a friend. Now we can all stay in touch with each other, and it will carry on beyond the reunion. I think that’s really cool. I have a lot of friends over 30 who can’t understand why they would want to be on MySpace… trust me, you’re missing out.

– As thrilled as I was to see everyone, it was rather surreal being in a room full of people where the factor that tied us all together is that we’re all within about a year of each other in age. It was a bit weird because one of the main lessons I’ve learned over the past 20 years is that age doesn’t matter. I have friends within weeks of my own age; I have friends in their 50s; I have friends who haven’t turned 21 yet; and all points in between. Age is only a big deal if you make it a big deal.

– To close… to my classmates who found this blog… welcome, and stay in touch. I’d like to say that most of my posts are more intellectual than the one from last night (in which I mentioned panties), but no, last night’s was pretty typical.

I hope to be back in Memphis tomorrow by 2 at the latest.