Meet New Path’s candidates tonight

New Path Memphis will host a forum at the Central Library tonight, 3030 Poplar, Meeting Room C, where you can meet the candidates they’re supporting in the upcoming elections.

New Path is a group that started several years ago, to support and encourage candidates who run for office in order to serve their fellow citizens and their community, rather than serve themselves. One of their biggest accomplishments to date was to support Tomeka Hart in her successful election over a 17-year do-nothing incumbent for school board position 7.

They are supporting the following candidates for the upcoming City Council elections:

Bill Morrison = District 1
Brian Stephens = District 2
Davida Cruthird = District 3
Reginald Milton = District 6
Desi Franklin = Super District 9 Position 3

If you have questions for these folks, come on by tonight and talk to them.

I’ll also add that I know one of the candidates, Davida Cruthird, personally, having worked with her on projects for Mpact Memphis over the past 5 years. I can tell you that she would make a fantastic public servant, as I’m sure all the New Path candidates would. Please consider supporting them if you live in their district.