EP’s now doing crab legs and shrimp on Tuesday nights

Yesterday I was walking down Beale when I noticed the sign outside EP Delta Kitchen:

EP’s had been doing crawfish boils on Tuesday night, but I guess crawfish season is over so they’ve switched to all you can eat crab legs and shrimp, 6 PM ’til.

EP’s is REALLY tempting me to skip a trivia night and come down there for some seafood… not this Tuesday, but perhaps on a future Tuesday I’ll venture down there. This week we’ve got to concentrate on building our stash of gift certificate winnings back up (currently $35). The other Downtown trivia team disbanded and it looks like the Rapscallions will pick up their captain and Yoko as new members. Now our goal is to knock off the team of recent college grads who have had a good run lately.

Working, blogging, working, blogging… got a lot to do today. Got at least two more blog posts to come… when I get bored with my work I’ll log off the server momentarily and put a new post up. So be sure to check back…