New restaurant: Itta Bena

Today I got to take a tour of Itta Bena, the new restaurant on the third floor of B.B. King’s Blues Club, at the corner of Second and Beale. Just last night I heard good things about this place – “impeccable atmosphere,” I was told. Looks like they were telling the truth – check out the pictures below.

I asked for and received permission to photograph their menus and post them. Click the images below to view in full size and to check out what they have on the menu.

They want it to be a reservations-type place, but they say it’s fine if you’re downstairs at B.B.’s and you call upstairs to make reservations. They also understand that, although they have a fine menu, they’re on Beale and therefore you’re not required to be dressed to the nines when you come there.

They don’t plan to do any advertising – all word of mouth. However, they were happy to have me mention it on the blog, because they’re hoping the place will develop a following among locals.

Sounds like a great addition to Downtown.