Sunday update: Music notes, a couple of good sites for teachers and journalists, the Nuh-Uh Party, and more

– Dr. Herman Green, the 77-year-old sax player for FreeWorld, got his musical note on the Beale Street Walk of Fame yesterday afternoon. Herman first played on Beale Street in 1945 and has been the inspiration behind FreeWorld’s success for the past 20 years.

– Downtown music legend Charlie Wood and his band The New Memphis Underground have a new CD out. Flyer writer Chris Herrington gave the album an A- and compared Wood to Lyle Lovett. “As a calling card for a live-band show, it totally convinces,” Herrington writes.

– Caught Aquanet at the Saucer last night and they were fantastic. ’80s hair band music, complete with the look and the attitude. If you live in Southaven, they’ll be playing your Huey’s tonight at 8:30.

– Couple of good sites I found on the Internet – the first one is for teachers: Teachers First, a website by teachers, for teachers. The site describes itself as a collection of lessons, units and web resources presented in classroom-ready format.

– And one for journalists: Tools for Print Journalists, by the Committee of Concerned Journalists. This looks like a great set of resources – just looking at the front page, I see tips for loosening lips during interviews, advice for dealing with requests for anonymity by sources, and steps to effective citizen journalism online, among other great articles.

– Picture from last night: The big announcement as The Nuh-Uh Girl (pictured below, at right, next to the pair of clapping hands) joined the Flying Saucer’s Ring of Honor.

The Nuh-Uh Girl had the Saucer put “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” in big letters on her plate, because indeed, it is all about the Nuh-Uh Girl. Afterward, a group of us went to Sekisui for sushi – our original plan was to go to Bluefin, but they told us they COULDN’T POSSIBLY seat a table of nine without a reservation, despite only three or four tables in the whole place being occupied at the time. I guess their reputation as an exclusive place to dine is more important than several hundred dollars in food and beverage revenue. Luckily the people at Sekisui practically bent over backwards to accommodate us, and we appreciate it and will remember it. I had the crunchy eel roll, with the eel deep-fried in tempura, and it was outstanding. The Nuh-Uh Sister got a seaweed salad which looked good… gonna have to get one next time I go in. Sekisui and the Russwood Park Grill are connected, so I guess I could eat sushi while sitting at Frenchie’s bar.

– Looks like the Sunday brunch crew is extending the McGuinness field trip to week two… we had a great time there last week. It was good to sit at a bar tended by Amy again, and there were a number of items on the menu that the brunch crew wanted to come back and try. After that we’ll probably move to the Saucer as usual. I’m close to having my newest website ready to roll out – this one’s for college students – so I may wander back up there in the evening with my laptop and see if I can finish it.

Now that I think about it, McG is already open – they start serving at 9 AM – so I guess I’ll head on up there.