Two upcoming events at Circa

Two friends of mine went to Circa Saturday night and were absolutely blown away by the experience they had there. They couldn’t stop complimenting everything about the place – the impeccable service was mentioned again and again. The wine list received big compliments as well. They said it was both classy and a friendly, fun place at the same time.

With that in mind, here are two upcoming events, opportunities for you to give Circa a try.

What Wines with Chocolate? – On Wednesday, August 29, at 7:00 PM Circa will hold its second wine event, led by General Manager, Randy Caparoso. Chef/Owner John Bragg has collaborated with Blues City Pastry Shop’s GM/Chocolatier Carol Whitmore (who also will be on hand to chat about chocolate making) to prepare five variations of truffles and European-style hand rolls to match five chocolate-friendly wines. The fare will be $30 per person (plus tax and gratuity). Call 522-1988 for reservations.

That’s TONIGHT, folks!

Sundays in September at Circa – Beginning September 2, and continuing through every Sunday in September, Circa will offer a five-course/five-wine tasting menu to highlight Chef John Bragg’s specialty dishes matched with the restaurant’s latest globally sourced wines. Complete for just $45/person (plus tax and gratuity). Visit to see the complete menu.

I’ve been told that John Bragg designed Sundays in September particularly with Downtowners in mind.

Work has been busy this week – simultaneously developing three websites. One is a site for real estate investors, and another is a piece of a site I’m doing for a pool sales company, both projects through the firm that gives me most of my consulting work. Also doing a third site on the side, a site for an attorney who is a friend and neighbor of mine. Normally I don’t work this late at night (it’s a little after midnight as I type this), but I felt a burst of creative inspiration and took the laptop to the Flying Saucer. I figure if I work 3 hours tonight, then I’m entitled to get up at 11 rather than 8 in the morning. Closing time must be approaching, because the waitresses are leaning over the tables and collecting the food menus. I love it when they do that.

The girl at whom I always stick my tongue out is my waitress this evening. She has a trainee tonight, so I stuck my tongue out at the trainee and asked her to pass the message on. They should feel honored… I used to stick my tongue out at Ioana, the brunette Romanian who worked at the Saucer in ’05. To be in the same category as a Romanian is impressive indeed.

The “sketch artist” bum is at the window, charging some tourist $10 for a caricature. Of course he doesn’t have a city vendor’s license to be able to do that legally.

Cool. The manager saw him and chased him off. Dude didn’t get paid for his sketch either. Heh.

My online stores are doing better. The Tube Top Boutique is getting like 100 hits a day now from Google searches, and The Romania Store is averaging about in the teens. Between those and the Amazon box on my blog I’ve had 19 orders through the Amazon affiliate program this month. I’ll make 6% commission on each order, not bad.

The Rapscallions finished third at trivia. We seemed poised to win it after the first two rounds, but then Pete asked some of the most bizarre questions I’ve ever heard in the third round and we scored a miserable 24 out of 65 points. We’ve had some lousy performances in recent weeks, but this one can’t be attributed to the Yoko factor, as she wasn’t there last night.

Route South plays “Bands, Beer and Bums: The Court Square Concert Series” 5:30-8:30. Not sure if I’ll make it. Already looking ahead to next Wednesday, when Charlie Wood will be playing.

It’s been a very productive evening. Debating whether to go home, or continue on to McGuinness.