What is there to do Downtown that’s kid-friendly?

A couple of times over the past week, I’ve received the question, where is there to go Downtown that’s kid-friendly? After thinking about it, I gotta admit: I can’t come up with a whole lot of places. Not that I’m an expert or anything, since I don’t have kids. These are the ones I can think of:

– Jillian’s – obviously. The arcade, the bowling alley, the pool room. Probably the most kid-friendly place Downtown.

– The Fire Museum – kids can climb on the trucks, experience what it’s like to be in a simulated fire. It’s on Adams between Second and Main.

– Big Foot Lodge – They have a lot of menu items that would appeal to kids. For example, the Yeti, an 18-scoop ice cream sundae, S’mores you cook at your table, deep dish skillet cookies a la mode.

– Flying Fish – Kids can have fun looking at the Billy Bass Adoption Center and all the other fish-related decorations.

– Spaghetti Warehouse – I haven’t been there in a couple of years myself, so it’s hard for me to list definite reasons why this place is kid-friendly, but last time I went I seem to remember a lot of families having fun there. Kids love spaghetti.

… And those are about the only places I can think of. If there are others I’ve missed, let me know.

Heading out to the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival in a few minutes. For those of you who don’t feel like driving all the way Downtown, there’s also East BumbleFest going on at the Agricenter through September 9. And hopefully the Tigers will lay the smack down on Ole Miss this afternoon – game starts at 2:30.