Two things… Downtown dental site, and eat at Chili’s today to support St.Jude

Last night I took my laptop to the Saucer and got my entire Monday’s worth of work done. Yay! I’ve gotten in the habit of always sticking my tongue out at one of the waitresses, and I happened to sit in her section last night.

So at one point she came up and asked if I needed anything. “Yes, two things,” I told her. “Number one, I’d like another Dos Equis Special Lager. And number two, THHHHHHPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTT”

It’s a wonder no publishers have contacted me about writing a book on how to talk to women. I gots mad game, yo.

Anyway, I have two things for you, my readers, this morning, and in neither case will I be sticking my tongue out at you. First of all, a friend of mine sent me a link to the website of Jodi Rump, DDS, the Downtown dentist with an office on the Main Street Mall. This is an awesome site. Although, it took me a little while to figure out how to navigate it: Look for the arrows in the lower left.

Second of all, today is Chili’s “Donate Our Profits Day.” 100% of all profits at Chili’s restaurants for the day will be donated to St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So, if you haven’t decided where to eat lunch or dinner, why not hit up Chili’s and support one of Memphis’ finest institutions!

Probably back later today with another post… if you missed the one I made last night, make sure you scroll down and read about the awesome Monday Night Football party at EP Delta Kitchen. MN MF’N F at G.D. EP’s. That’s an acronym full of profanity… a profacronym.