This worked well last year, so let’s try it again…

An e-mail I received Monday brought back memories. A quick story…

In early September of last year, I received an e-mail inviting me to a party to be held on the last Wednesday night of the month. This event is known to be one of the most fun parties of the year, thrown by a major Memphis print media publication, with food from the very best of the city’s restaurants, open bar, Blue Moon and another good beer (can’t remember what it was) on tap. I had been to the 2003 version of this party and it was an absolute blast, so I was excited.

Not long after receiving the invitation, I made my morning run to Walgreens for Mountain Dew. Coming out of Walgreens was a girl who, at the time, I thought was pretty hot. So I asked her if she wanted to go. She said sure, but she needed to wait until her schedule came out to be sure she had the night off. Fair enough, I thought. She worked in the service industry and wouldn’t know her schedule weeks in advance.

Over the next two weeks, I saw her a couple of times and in each case she still expressed interest in going, but stressed that she was unsure of her schedule. “I’ll let you know,” she said. During this time frame I started to notice the way she treated people, the way she always had many, many guys hanging around her, and the way she evaded questions she didn’t want to answer. I began to get the sense that she was something of a flaya (female playa).

A week and a day before the big party, I stopped by the bar where she worked to have lunch. After waiting 40 minutes for her to bring me my check (in addition to being a flaya, she was a pretty horrible waitress – I had to write it up on my time sheet as an hour and a half lunch), I again inquired about the party. “Well,” she said, taking a little longer than normal to respond, “…… I still do not know my schedule yet. … But, I will let you know.”

By this point I was pretty well convinced that “I’ll let you know” meant, “The party sounds like fun and I’d like to go, but I don’t want to say ‘yes’ so I can keep my options open in case a better offer comes along for that night. Also, I don’t want to say ‘no’ because then you might invite someone else, and I don’t want you thinking about any woman but me.”

I had an ace in the hole – I was friends with almost all of her co-workers. So that evening, I came back to the bar and pulled one of my favorite servers there aside. “Got a question for you,” I asked. “Have you guys been given your schedules for next week?”

“Yes,” she said. “Our schedules came out a few days ago, for the next four weeks.” Then she smiled and added, “Oh, I bet you want to know when (the flaya) is working. Want me to get my schedule and show it to you?”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” I told her, and thanked her. “You’ve given me all the information I need.”

That night I went home and made a post to my blog, where I had already mentioned the big party a couple of times. “I had a date lined up for the party, but her invitation has been revoked,” I wrote. “So if I have any secret admirers out there, now would be a good time to reveal yourself.”

Two days later I hit the Saucer to catch the Dempseys. After their first set ended, a cute blonde sitting on one of the benches called me over. She introduced herself and told me she was a regular reader of my blog. We talked for a few minutes and she had this look on her face like she was trying to work up the nerve to say something. Finally she did. “…. So, that big party you have coming up….. do you have a date for it yet?” Based on the few minutes we had talked, she seemed like she’d be pretty fun to hang out with, she didn’t seem like a psycho, and she was pretty hot, so I asked her to come with me to the party.

I didn’t even bother to tell the flaya that her invitation had been revoked… but someone must have alerted her to my blog, because when I came in her bar the following Monday, she didn’t even speak to me, just scowled at me from across the room. “She looks like she wants you to die,” commented a friend. For the rest of the time she worked there, she wouldn’t speak or even smile when I was around, up until the time she quit her job and she mysteriously starting acting nice to me again on her last night… but that’s another story for another post.

Wednesday arrived, met up with cute blonde and we went to the party and we had an awesome time. She was interesting to talk to and a lot of fun. Definitely somebody I would have been interested in seeing again, but it was not to be… three days after the party, she was set to move out of town, to take a job in another city.

Nevertheless, we had a great time. A great party was even better, thanks to her company.

Anyway, here’s my point in telling this story. I received an e-mail telling me that I’m invited to this year’s version of same party, with 4 bands, free food from the best restaurants in town, open bar, good beer on tap. It will be held on the evening of Wednesday, October 3.

Once again, I find myself wondering, “Who the hell am I going to ask to this thing?”

So, if I have any secret admirers out there, now would be a good time to reveal yourself. You can reach me via the e-mail link under my picture.

Tentative plans for tonight:

  • I may do the happy hour appetizer thing at Daily Grill again, around 5:30. I haven’t decided for sure yet though.
  • I’ll be at “Bands, Beer, and Bums” at Court Square by 7. Tonight’s band: Reba Russell. With one of the most well-known acts Downtown and great weather (high 82, low 66), I’m looking for a big turnout tonight (if it doesn’t rain).
  • After that, most likely the Saucer for a little while. I believe Kings of the Delta will be playing tonight, at 9:30. It’s Oktoberfest “Buy the Beer, Keep the Glass” night. Why can’t they have “Buy the Beer, Keep the Waitress” night?

Waiting on a project to be finalized, so not a lot of work to do today. I may hit the U of M campus this afternoon and visit some old friends there.