Party Saturday night at Earnestine & Hazel’s

The Ptolemy carnival crew is throwing a party Saturday night at Earnestine & Hazel’s. The theme is going to be doing it old-school, debauchery like we did in college, with beer, shots, soul burgers and music. The cover is $35 for the public, free for Ptolemy members. Hmmm… this party sounds custom-made for Downtowners. Check Philip’s blog for more info, as Philip is a Ptolemy member and knows all the details. There’s a very good chance Ptolemy Kat will be at this event as well, chasing the RSVP photographer around.

Most likely I’m going to go to this. The other big party in town Saturday night is The Pat Kerr Tigrett Show, also known as The Blues Ball, too expensive for my tastes.

Tomorrow night, of course, is South Main Trolley Tour. A bunch of us Downtowners will be hanging out outside one of the condos in between Huling and Nettleton, on the same block as Jay Etkin Gallery.