Saturday update

– I found this video on a web page yesterday, and for some reason I’m absolutely addicted to it. I’ve watched it like ten times now. (Warning: This is an absolute waste of three minutes of your life. Some of you may have seen it before – it’s a fairly popular YouTube video)

I think there’s some kind of biting social commentary in there, with the black sheep suffering consequences for not dancing the way the other sheep dance, then finding ways to eliminate the conformist sheep and do what he wants.

– Trolley Tour last night was outstanding. Perfect weather, lots of people. A bunch of us hung out in front of Mikey’s condo on South Main, drank beer, and people-watched.

After Trolley Tour ended, I stopped by the Saucer, but got tired of it by the end of my first beer. The place started to fill up with meatheads, as it usually does on weekend nights, and I didn’t want to be there. I remembered that my friends Crash Kole and Smokin’ Lemon were playing at the Tap Room, so I headed down there.

Only the second time this year that I’ve been to the Tap Room, or on Beale at all, on a weekend night. Odd, considering just two years ago I hung out at the Tap Room more than I did the Saucer, but that was before Beale started getting all thugged out on the weekends. Actually, last night it wasn’t bad at all. My mug was still hanging in the same spot, friendly bartender who I remember from past places I’ve hung out. So I had it filled with PBR and sat and enjoyed the show. I forgot how much I enjoy the Tap Room. I need to start hanging out there again.

– Today: No idea what I’ll do between now and the time the party at E&H starts at 7:30. I may wander down and catch the end of Farmers’ Market in a little while. After that, probably cleaning the apartment, changing burnt-out light bulbs and exciting stuff like that.

From 7:30 on I’ll be at Earnestine & Hazel’s. $35 cover – beer, shots, food, music. Come on out if you’re looking for something to do.

– Back to the Majestic for brunch tomorrow, as we begin the first week of their “two weeks on, two weeks off.” We’ll be there until about 1:00 or when John D finishes his “Pain in the Ass Breakfast,” whichever is later, then head over to the Saucer.

Today’s your last day to early vote, so if you haven’t done it yet, better get it out of the way today in order to avoid standing in line Thursday. Several people have told me my blog convinced them to vote for Herman Morris. All right! Go Herman!!!