Saturday day recap

Just realized that, although I recapped Friday and Saturday nights, I forgot to recap Saturday day. I spent most of the morning studying the inside of my eyelids. Then finally I got up, showered, brushed my teeth, took the Browns to the Super Bowl, ran by Haji’s Fart Mart for my morning Mountain Dew, and got ready to go out. It was the second day of the new RiverArtsFest in the South Main district, and I was ass and elbows down there.

Well, actually not straight down there. I stopped by the Saucer on the way. You’d think after I got fizznucking drunk Friday night that the last thing I’d want to see is a beer, but you know me, I’m like a bad habit, I always keep popping back up. So I sat at the bar and talked to a friend for a while. He got up to use the restroom. “Hope everything comes out all right,” I told him. I was going to leave after one beer, but when the bartender came by and asked if I wanted another one, I said, “If the glass is clear, I need a beer” which bought me another 30 minutes at the Saucer.

Then I walked down to the arts festival, stopping briefly to watch a tree rat eat a peanut that someone had dropped on the ground. It had been colder than a witch’s tit the past few days, but it warmed up nicely Saturday and was perfect festival weather. Met up with some friends who wanted to go straight to the artist’s market. “Cool your jets, Turbo,” I told them. “Let’s get something to eat first.” Crepe Maker had a booth there, and I really wanted a creep, but the line was too long, so I went with the BBQ nachos from Germantown Commissary instead.

As I was eating one of my friends started apologizing to another about an incident that occurred on my building’s rooftop Friday night, involving the hot tub. I quickly decided it was an A and B conversation, and I’d better C my way out. I heard them say that the hot tub incident had been caught on tape, and that the security guard and some of the residents had been watching it. “Why anyone would want to watch the hot tub incident is beyond me,” commented a member of the group, and I must say, you ain’t just whistling Black Sabbath there, my friend.

Some of the group had to leave the festival to go run errands. “You do that voodoo that you do,” I told them, and they took off. The remainder of the group wanted to go check out the artists’ market at the south end of the festival. “Roll that beautiful bean footage,” I told them. So we walked down there. There were over 100 booths, huge for a first year festival. It must have been expensive to put together, but hey, you have to break an egg to make an omelet.

Checked out the booths but didn’t buy anything. After about an hour I ran into some other Saucer regulars who asked if I was going to dress up as the Beer Goddess again. “I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count,” I told them. By then it was late afternoon, so I pulled a Houdini and went home and put on the costume. From there it was on to the Saucer’s Halloween party, which I recapped in the previous post.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s been real, it’s been great, but it’s time for Paul to evacuate. Other places to be, other people to see.

(You either get this post or you don’t, depending on whether you know someone celebrating a birthday today. Sorry I had to crap all over my RiverArtsFest recap to bring this to you. The festival goes on from 10 to 6 today, and it really was quite good, so go check it out for yourself if you missed it Friday and Saturday.)