Coming tomorrow…

Had an e-mail from someone in the service industry who considers me a “model tipper,” suggesting that I do a post about my tipping strategy. Good idea… give me a day to type it up. I’ve talked a little in past posts about my philosophy on tipping, but I’ll tomorrow I’ll go into a lot more detail than I ever have before.

Woodchuck Granny Smith is the Fire Sale today. A lot of people hate it when the ciders are on the Fire Sale, but I like them! They go down nice and smooth. And for people who laugh when I say I drink them because they say it’s a girl drink: You’ve seen my Halloween costume, haven’t you? I’ll have several of them during trivia tonight, then several more as I hang out and listen to Leo Lazarus on guitar. Glad Big Foot now serves food until 1 on weekdays, because it means I can hang out at the Saucer until almost close, then walk down the street for Paul’s Drunkass Wings. Extra hot, extra blue cheese. Maybe I’ll even step up to the Holy Smokes wings if I’m feeling froggy. When I do the Holy Smokes I prefer their dill ranch rather than blue cheese for dipping. That post earlier today about wings got me hungry for some.

This morning I was the victim of a bum gimmick I had almost forgotten about. I was walking up Main Street to go get my Mountain Dew, when Bobby, a member of the Blue Suede Brigade who I’ve known since I moved Downtown, called out, “Hey, Paul!” and we went over and talked for a minute. Then this guy came over and stuck out his hand. “Hey Paul, what’s up?” he said. I knew I didn’t know the guy, but how did he know my name… and for a minute I thought, maybe I did actually meet him somewhere. Then he started on his spiel and I realized he was a bum. He heard Bobby use my name and he used it himself to establish familiarity. You know another post I need to do – I need to refer to that famous persuasion and influence book by Cialdini, and how the bums can and do use the methods it teaches to get donations.

Thinking about leaving my hair long once Halloween is over. I had planned to cut it once I didn’t need it long for the costume anymore, but you know, I kind of like it this way.

Time for a cider.