Tuesday update

Yesterday I had an AWESOME job interview. The company is located one block from where I live, and the company’s personality fits me to a T. They work hard but they have a lot of fun, and everyone in the office was wearing jeans. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me on this one.

After the interview I put on some more comfortable clothes and headed to Pint Nite, where I soaked up Dos Equis Special Lager like a sponge. The gang eventually showed up and we got our usual window seats facing Second, although for some reason we never got around to playing The Window Game. Hung out there until 7:30, then we made the move to EP’s for Monday Night Football.

On the way down to EP’s, one of the bums who runs parking scams on that block of Beale told me, “I’m tired of seeing your face!” Oh my goodness no. A bum doesn’t like me. Waaah! Seriously, it was all I could do to keep from crying during the football game. My world is crumbling around me. It’s so, so very important to me that the bums think highly of me, and then to find out that they don’t… I just don’t know if I can take it.

Ptolemy Kat was there, and I bought her a birthday beer. She complained that the hot wings were too spicy. Okay, let’s talk about this. There are generally 5 varieties of hot wings: mild, medium, hot, extra hot, and suicide. The wings EP’s put out would probably be classified as medium on the scale. As a fan of the extra hot variety (I like my wings the same way I like my Romanians), I interpreted Kat’s complaining as “I’m a big wussy and I shouldn’t be allowed outside Cordova.” Oh well, it could’ve been worse I guess, at least she ate the wings with her hands, and she didn’t send O-Boy to another restaurant to get ranch for her. So she wasn’t a total embarrassment.

Tell ya who WAS a total embarrassment, though… Kat’s team the Arkansas State ______s, who lost to the Troy Trojans 27-0 Saturday. Troy? Isn’t that the team that all the good schools beat on national TV? Man… how much does A-state suck this year.

Tonight: Pete the Trivia Guy will hand us a $50 gift certificate and tell us how much he’s in awe of our collective intelligence. Or something like that.

My favorite blogger/MILF wrote that she was partying at King Biscuit Saturday night and that “I think my shirt came off at some point?” Awesome. That’s the kind of thing that needs to happen when she parties Downtown. When is the Downtown Biscuit opening, anyway? Back in June I was told 30-45 days. Maybe we should start taking bets on whether the Biscuit or the Monkey gets open first.

If you missed seeing the best Beer Goddess ever to put on a Saucer uniform, you have one more chance. She told me that she’s picking up the early shift tomorrow afternoon. That means she comes on at 4, and will likely be cut around 9, just in time to go to all the Halloween parties in the area.

I found out that McGuinness is doing their Halloween party Wednesday, not last Saturday as I had thought. That’s why it was so dead when we stopped by there on Saturday.

So tomorrow night there are parties at Big Foot, McGuinness, and EP’s. Of those, I see EP’s as the most expendable – hell, I’ll be there Thursday anyway. My plan is to meet up with the gang at Big Foot around 9, party it up there, and then at some point in the evening I’ll move to McGuinness, where I’ll likely stay unless I just get really bored, in which case EP’s will become an option. Since I still have control of my schedule, I’m absolutely not allowing any appointments to be booked for Thursday before about mid-afternoon, and I plan to last all the way to 3 AM Halloween night, no matter where I end up. That means I’ll be in those shoes for 11 hours. My poor feet are gonna be hatin’ me.

I have 80 unread e-mail messages in my Inbox, so I guess I’ll hit Publish and start reading. See ya later everyone. I’d wish you a happy Tuesday, but let’s face it, Tuesday sucks almost as Monday does.