A few quick things…

– One more Halloween party: About a week ago I mentioned that Aquanet is playing the Hard Rock Cafe tonight, but I just now learned that it will be an ’80s party. So if that’s your thing, put on your best ’80s attire and head on down there. It’s a $5 cover and will benefit the Grizzlies House. I won’t make it down there, unfortunately, but Aquanet is the perfect band to play an ’80s party.

– If you have kids, there’ll be a safe Halloween event for them tonight at 6:30 at the Mud Island River Park. Trick-or-treating and stuff like that.

– If you’re going to Big Foot Lodge’s party tonight, here’s a tip: For parties they usually open a second bar at the back of the restaurant. It’s much, much faster to go to that one. At the last party the main bar was so crowded that it took me 15 minutes to get a drink. At the back bar I got served immediately.

– Yesterday I said that of the Halloween parties going on tonight, EP’s would probably be the one I’d skip… but it looks like the gang may talk me into it. Just going to play it by ear tonight. I’ll definitely be at the Saucer from 4 to 9, and Big Foot from 9 until their costume contests end. After that I’ll either be at McG or EP’s.

– TIP YOUR BEER GODDESS TONIGHT! I’m trying to break my all-time record of $29 over the course of Halloween weekend, and I’m currently at $16.

Out for now. Still working on the tipping post. It might be tomorrow before I get it done but I’ll try.