From Rachel’s blog: Assholes vandalize Casa Blanca

I just read Rachel and the City’s blog and read that someone vandalized Casa Blanca restaurant on Young Avenue in Midtown, smashing in the windows. Click the link to Rachel’s blog for more info, forwarded from my friend Nicole, who says that the restaurant is still open, but with boards in the windows, and the owner has a smile on his face but tears in his eyes.

The restaurant was likely vandalized because the owner is of Middle Eastern descent. This is the second time he has had a restaurant vandalized – a few days after 9/11 people spray-painted his old restaurant building (Morocco Cafe on Echles near the U of M).

I haven’t talked to the owner in a couple of years, but I knew him through my friend Nicole back around the 2001-2003 period and he is a SUPER nice guy. The food in his restaurants is consistently outstanding. It’s a great place to take a date, because he loves beautiful women (don’t worry, he won’t steal your date though) and will pamper you. And he loves America. I know it must break his heart that people who don’t even know him attack him simply because of his country of origin.

It breaks my heart too. You know, I love Memphis but when I see stuff like this, it seriously makes me think about leaving. There’s too much racism, prejudice, and stupidity in this town.

Please go by Casa Blanca, have a meal there, and show the owner how much he is appreciated by Memphians.