"Suck My Blog"??? SUCK THIS.

Tonight the Rapscallions arrived at the Saucer for a good, friendly game of trivia. Then, at the break when Pete the Trivia Guy announced the scores, we discovered that one of the other teams had named themselves “Suck My Blog.” Gosh, I wonder to whom could they be referring?

Actually, it didn’t matter. The Rapscallions missed one question in round 1, then got perfect rounds 2 and 3 plus the beer bonus to get their highest score ever, 137 out of a possible 135. Needless to say we came in first, and picked up a $50 certificate. Good thing to add to Rapscallion Party V, which we are in the process of planning. There will be pictures.

Evening went as planned, just a little earlier than usual due to all the bars Downtown being dead. Sitting at the computer eating Paul’s Drunkass Wings from Big Foot. Tipping post to come tomorrow.

Administrative matters:

– Erin: 1) Good meeting you Thursday at the Dempseys. 2) Thanks for adding me on Facebook.

– Carrie Ann: 1) Good meeting you (finally) Friday at No. 10. 2) Really enjoy your writing. 3) Damn. You’re hot.

– Skippy: Happy belated birthday.

Off to bed.