This is how we do it Downtown

Pics of last night’s party. I realize 90% of you don’t know these people, but I’m posting this photo album anyway to show how much fun we have Downtown. It’s not just about being able to walk home from the bars… it’s about great friends and great memories.

The gang awaits Yoko’s arrival for her surprise party.Yoko and her dad. She didn’t realize her family was in town.

Lauren: “You’re not going to take a bad picture of me and put it on your blog, are you?” No, I’d never do that!

This duo nicknamed themselves “Skip and Chip.” Here Pete the Trivia Guy is telling Skippy, “Yes, I WOULD agree that the Rapscallions are the most intelligent trivia team I’ve ever met.”

A rare good photo of me, with my buddy Lee.

Otto was really excited to be at the party.

The char-grilled oysters I had last night at Pearl’s, with garlic butter and Parmesan cheese.

Yoko opening her presents.

Here’s something you hardly ever see – the Nuh-Uh Girl EATING. She put cold marinara sauce on her salad. Gross.

After we got done at Pearl’s we went down to The Warehouse on G.E. Patterson, where we had free run of the place thanks to a friend of the owner. Here’s a pic of Spuds Mackenzie who was stolen by an unnamed drunk girl earlier in the year (wait, I actually DID just name her) and recovered by the Sunday brunch crew.

You know what the song says… don’t ride the white horse.

Mikey on a stripper pole… now that’s an image I think we’d all like to erase permanently from our minds.

Now that’s much better!

The worst band ever to play The Warehouse.

Here’s a link to the entire album (142 pictures). My only regret last night is that I didn’t bring the spare battery for the camera. Gang: I’ll take the laptop to the Saucer later today and get ’em uploaded to our shared file folder, but right now I’m late for brunch at the Majestic!