Bar Dogs back on track to open?

Last year I reported that a new neighborhood bar would open on Monroe, in the old Mike’s location across from the Shrine. It was to be called Bar Dogs, I was told, and would cater to locals and stay open late for service industry people who get off work.

Work stopped in the spring and I heard no more about the place for months. Well, this weekend I heard that construction has resumed, and someone who knows the people doing it estimated it at about four months away. Anyone got more details about this place? This is all second-hand information so take it with a grain of salt, but I sure want to believe it.

Sure would be happy to see a Sleep Out’s-type bar open up a block from where I live. Although, it could have a side effect of splitting our Downtown gang in two, as the Monkey is opening soon as well, and half the gang lives a short walk to the Monkey and the other half a short walk to Bar Dogs. In that case I guess the Saucer and Hoop’s Bar would serve as common meeting places when we want to get everyone together.

Wonder if they’ll do a Sunday brunch? Currently the plan is to move to the Monkey for brunch when it opens, but if Bar Dogs does a good one (and especially if they get NTN Trivia so I can kick Skippy’s ass) I may lobby the group for a two-and-two arrangement like we currently do at Majestic and McGuinness.

It’s all just speculation for now though… again, if anyone has the inside scoop on Bar Dogs shoot me an e-mail at