Roma Pizza, Pasta, Subs and More is open

Just took a walk and discovered that Roma Pizza, Pasta, Subs and More at the corner of Third and Court is open for business. So, of course, my walk break turned into my lunch break and I went in and ordered. It’s all laid out at the counter Sbarro-style, but better food than what you’d find in a mall. They’ve got dinner-sized salads, whole pizzas, stuffed pizzas, pizza by the slice, pizza rolls, pasta dishes, subs, side orders, and desserts.

Prices are quite reasonable. I ordered the lasagna for $6.99, and got this huge hunk of lasagna, house salad with Italian dressing (Thousand Island and RANCH are also available), and garlic rolls. There’s no way I’m going to be able to finish all this food. Subs are also a good deal for the money – I saw someone get a 12″ meatball sub for $6.50.

Didn’t try the desserts, but I ran into my landlord on the way over there and he recommended the tiramisu highly.

He also told me that the place is open until 9 at night, so Downtowners have a new place to get dinner. Not sure if that’s every night of the week or just some. They need to put their hours on their to-go menu.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the camera with me, so no pics. Sorry.

Well worth checking out for lunch or dinner. We need more affordable places to eat down here.