Friday update: Memphis in May on sale, South Main Trolley Tour, and more

First of all, some big, big, BIG news. This is really huge. You will probably want to bookmark this post to refer to over and over again when you read what I’m about to tell you.

Jack’s Food Store now has Busch beer 12-packs in a “Special Edition Hunting Package.” No kidding. It’s camouflaged and everything.

I’d like to ask my fellow Downtowners to try and be considerate and not trample each other as you rush to Jack’s.

What a smart marketing move on Busch’s part… now you can bring your beer into the woods with you and the deer won’t even see it! Because, you know, getting wasted while you’re holding a loaded shotgun is a great idea.

Memphis in May is having a holiday sale. Here’s a poster with the details (click for larger image):

At the sale you can pick up merchandise from past Memphis in May events at discount prices. 88 Union Center, next week Dec. 3-7. Click the flyer for more details, I’m too lazy to type them. What a convenient way to get all your holiday shopping done! Nothing says “I love you” like a 2004 BBQ Fest T-shirt.

Tonight I’ll be at the South Main Trolley Art Tour… you know the deal, most of the South Main art galleries put out free wine and snacks and open their doors from 6 to 9. All the stores will be decorated for Christmas and it should be really fun and worth withstanding the cold.

After Trolley Tour ends… don’t know. Maybe E&H. Maybe Pearl’s. Maybe Hoop’s Bar, if the EP’s crowd doesn’t spill over into it too much. Saucer sucks on weekend nights so probably not there. Not enough energy to do Raiford’s and I’ll be there tomorrow night anyway.

Snozberry plays the Saucer tomorrow night… won’t be there for their entire show but I imagine I’ll be stumbling through there sometime around 10 or 10:30 for one beer.

If you missed the Hannah Montana show last night at the FedExForum, journalist “Skippy” Blank has a recap. Skippy is a huge Hannah Montana fan and was the perfect person for the CA to send to write the story.

Time to go to work. I really enjoy my new job, but I ain’t gonna lie, I’m glad it’s Friday.