Meat and two

Just had lunch at Blue Plate Cafe. Turkey and dressing with blackeyed peas and boiled cabbage and cornbread. It was excellent. Service was great too – food was out in 5 minutes and the waiter brought me an extra Coke without me even having to ask.

While I was eating I flipped through RSVP Magazine. One of their monthly profiles was about… can you guess it?… Kevin Kane. Said his favorite album was Sgt. Pepper and the first concert he ever attended was a Led Zeppelin show. My respect for Kevin went way up after reading those facts.

As for the rest of the magazine… well, let’s just say I’m considering not buying any more toilet paper and instead putting a stack of RSVP Magazines in my bathroom. Fun game to play if you’re really bored – go through the magazine and try to figure out whose pictures the photographer actually wanted in the magazine, versus who chased the photographer around and begged to have their pics taken.

Um… otherwise… not much new to report. I have a post on the presidential race saved in Drafts, and I’ll put that one up next. That’ll save me from having to tell the disgusting bum story from last night, which is really too nasty even for this blog.