PBRtinis and other notes: Monday update

No idea why I’m up this early, considering that I don’t have to work today.

Yesterday at brunch Otto came up with a great idea for a new drink: the PBRtini.  It consists of Pabst Blue Ribbon in a martini glass.  Now that’s about as lowbrow as martinis can get.  We were discussing what one would use as a garnish in a PBRtini; my vote would be for a cigarette butt.  Most restaurants would have the good sense not to actually put this drink on the menu, but if Hooper and/or Tony see this post I bet it might show up at Hoop’s Bar.  If it does, I can’t wait for the next time a girl asks me to buy her a drink.

Otto is full of useful information.  Yesterday at brunch I learned from him that the SkyCam/cable cam commonly used in NFL broadcasts today was first used in Vince McMahon’s XFL that folded after one season.

Speaking of NFL football:  I usually e-mail the following to my favorite blogger/MILF, but since she reads this blog every day I’ll do it here:

SCOREBOARD:  Titans 16, Colts 10

Yes, her precious Colts lost again.  Saturday night a bunch of us watched the Patriots-Jets game at McGuinness.  The crowd seemed to be majority anti-Patriots, but I rooted for them because I wanted them to have a perfect season.  Not that I’m a huge New England fan, but their perfect season firmly establishes that the best team in the NFL is not the Colts.  Also, I’m not a huge Tom Brady fan, but I find myself cheering for him lately because he proves that the best quarterback in the NFL is not overexposed, overhyped Peyton.

Here’s a Wikipedia page that explains how passer ratings are computed.  That formula makes my head hurt, and I’m a former math teacher.

My favorite blogger/MILF came up in conversation yesterday.  “When are you going to get your MILF to come have brunch with us?” John D asked as he sipped a Bud Light on one of the Saucer’s couches.  Although I don’t link to my favorite blogger/MILF’s blog from here, John D managed to find it and has been reading it for some time.  He commented that her new profile pic makes her look “busty.”  Wouldn’t count on seeing her anytime soon, John.  If she ever does come Downtown, she probably won’t go to the places we hang out, but to places that remind her of her Cordova neighborhood – Jillian’s, Hooters, TGI Friday’s.

While we were hanging out at the Saucer yesterday, there was an employee meeting going on, and I’m glad I was there just so I could figure out who actually still works there.  Turnover has been high lately.  There was a Kenyan trainee who got jealous of my “I love Romanian girls” T-shirt, and I told her I’d order an “I love Kenyan girls” shirt, but I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t because she wasn’t at the meeting.  The waitress who calls me “Paulie Pocket” and her little zebra-haired sidekick are gone too.  I hate to admit it, but I miss having them around to pick on.  Sundays were a lot more fun when they were working.
The waitress who calls me “Paulie Pocket” did leave a parting gift for me though.  Since I dress up as a Saucer girl for Halloween every year, she gave me a new blue Beer Goddess tank top to wear next October.  “It’ll match your eyes,” she said.  I don’t know about this new tank top though.  It has spaghetti straps.  I understand that the point of Halloween is to scare people, but spaghetti straps on me might be taking things a bit TOO far.  I took an informal poll among my friends – blue spaghetti strap tank top: Good idea, or bad idea?  So far the results of the poll are as follows:

Good idea:  0%
Bad idea:  100%

I tend to agree with their judgment.

One interesting thing I did notice – the new Beer Goddess tank top had an American Apparel label on it.  I had wondered how American Apparel managed to be so successful, given that I never see a whole lot of people in their South Main store.  Now I get it – they go after corporate accounts.  Smart.

Got some new bum pictures to upload to the Handling-Panhandling group yesterday too.  This time of year it’s hard to get pics of them, because the sun has set by the time I get off work, and digital cameras don’t do a great job in dim light.  Hmmm… I have absolutely nothing to do today until 6:50 PM.  Maybe I’ll go out on a photography mission this afternoon.

Hung out at the Saucer until 8, then went over to Hoop’s Bar with my friend Chuck where we had “Anna’s Egg Wolls.”  Now, I thought I had these once before, but I was wrong.  They are NOT the egg rolls you see on the free buffets (Monday Night Football, Q107.5 Thursday nights) at EP’s and Hoop’s.  Rather, these are huge homemade egg rolls, each one about twice the size of the ones on the free buffets.  You get three of them and they are stuffed full of pork.  They come with sweet potato chips, the same ones used on Michael Patrick’s Not-Yo-Crawfish.  At $6 they are a great value.  The Liberty Bowl crowd drank up all their PBR cans this weekend, so I had to settle for a Corona to wash down my egg rolls.

Dinner at Majestic tonight, followed by a private New Year’s Eve party at a Downtown location.  We have reservations for 20 at the Majestic, but I have a feeling so many people have been invited that we may exceed even that.  My friend Mikey who set up the Majestic dinner will be late, so I’ll have to act as coordinator/camera nazi for the first hour or so.  The owners of the Majestic were SO excited when we made the reservation.  They told us that we were the people they really wanted there for New Year’s Eve.  That’s why we kept the NYE dinner at the same place, for the second year in a row, rather than trying someplace different – because they appreciate our business and take care of us like no place else does.

Guess I’ll hit Publish and jump in the shower.  I don’t have much to do today, and I have several topics on deck, so there will probably be more posts.  Check back.