Friday update

(Edited a second time to include Calhoun’s game specials and opening time) 

(Slight edit made below to fix an incorrect statement I made about the Majestic Grille event tomorrow) 

Last night I posted two news items – that the lead singer of the band at the Saucer had a tube top on, and that I heard a rumor that Downtown will be getting either a Barnes & Noble or Bookstar with Starbucks inside. I promised to follow up with more info this morning. I’m ready to do that now. Here goes:

– The tube top the singer had on was a black tube top

– The singer was blonde

– The name of the band was Swelter.

As for the bookstore, no additional info on it at this time.

Stella is once again open for lunch. It’s a little pricier than your typical lunch spot but the food is excellent. Highly recommended if you want to treat yourself, reward an employee, or impress a client.

Speaking of lunch, I went to Second Street Shoppers Deli on Tuesday and had a chicken alfredo sandwich – VERY good. They make it from scratch and it’s a lot tastier than a generic sandwich from Subway. They’re running an introductory deal where you get free chips and drink with your sandwich (deal lasts for a limited time only). They tell me they will also be serving some homemade soups which have proved to be very popular on the days they’ve had them.

If you’re interested in mentoring our city’s youth, the Boy Scouts will hold a “Learning for Life” open house at Alfred’s on Beale on Sunday, January 27 at 4:30 PM. You’ll be able to learn more about the program, and if it sounds like something you want to do there will be an opportunity to mentor students in grades K-12.

The two new clubs next door to the Westin, Ground Zero and Red Rooster, will host a fundraiser for The Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis Saturday night. $125 cover gets you hot and cold hors d’ouevres, entertainment from The Legends of Rock, and a chance to be among the first to check out the two new clubs. Call 578-9346 for tickets.

The Foo Fighters play the FedExForum tonight. Apparently they’re staying at the Madison because three large tour buses have been parked outside since yesterday.

The “Silver Don’t Play” party, in celebration of the life of hairstylist and Downtown legend Silver, happens tonight in the upstairs of Earnestine & Hazel’s at 8:00.

Tonight is a special night at the Saucer… one of the longtime regulars has completed his 10th plate in the UFO Club Ring of Honor. That means he’s consumed 200 different beers 10 times. Management has told me they’re doing something very special for him but are being hush-hush on details. Afterward, one of the best bands ever to play the Saucer, ’80s cover band Aquanet, takes the stage at 9:30.

I promised a round-up of who’s opening early for the 11 AM Memphis-Gonzaga game tomorrow. Here’s a list:

– The Flying Saucer will be open early. They have 5 TVs, two of them 42″ LCD HDTVs. They also have a pool table, two dart boards, and hot waitresses in miniskirts. The managers have promised a decent $2.75 Fire Sale beer.

– The Majestic Grille will open at 10, with their Sunday brunch menu (including $3 bloody marys and mimosas, $12 champagne) carried over to Saturday. Brunch will run until 1 PM. They are the official Tiger Live Remote site. They have 2 HDTVs at the bar. (Edit:  I got my wires crossed earlier and posted that they’d have the back room open.  That’s for their Super Bowl party, not tomorrow’s game.)

– McGuinness opens at 9 for breakfast every Saturday, so they’ll be open in plenty of time for the game. They have several HDTVs all around the bar (seven I think?) and a big-screen projection TV.

– Calhoun’s makes it a practice to be open early for Tiger games. They have very reasonable beer prices and five flat-panel TVs, 3 of which I believe are HD.  (Edit:  Just heard back from management.  They will open at 10:30 AM tomorrow.  $2 longnecks of Mich, Mich Light, and Bud Select until they run out.  They will sell tomato juice and orange juice for those who bring vodka – $3 setups.)

– Hoop’s Bar is considering opening early for the game tomorrow – not in time for the game start at 11, but at 2 PM, so people can go there to party after the game lets out.

No telling where I’ll be tomorrow morning. With so many great options, I’m undecided whether to go with the default value (Saucer), where the group decides to go (currently being voted on), or someplace else. I tend to be spontaneous about these decisions and will figure it out after I wake up tomorrow. Hoop’s Bar opening at 2 PM is a scary prospect indeed, as I can see myself arriving at 2 and drinking PBR cans and Coronas until the OTHER 2.

A couple of people have told me that the new Memphis Magazine issue, with the interview with me in the “Q&A” feature, is now out. I haven’t seen it yet but both people have told me “great article.” If it is, the credit has to go to Mary Helen Tibbs who was a great interviewer, and the photographer who knew exactly how to capture images that tell a story. All I did was show up and talk for a while.

Had another good run on the pool table last night, going 5-0 (including handing Pete another ass-whoopin’) before Matty O finally brought my streak to an end.

Winter weather advisory in effect until 6 AM tomorrow. They’re predicting accumulation of up to an inch of snow or sleet. Again, be careful if you come Downtown tonight for the concert. To avoid the traffic snarls in the core, keep in mind you can park in the Pinch or South Main and take the trolley to the core. Trolleys run until 1 AM weekend nights.

Later today: An opportunity to bring a very unique event to Memphis. Should be of particular interest to entrepreneurs. Be sure to check back. If anyone has any more info on that bookstore please let me know.