Saturday update

Okay, I have more details on the bookstore going inside the U of M Law School location at Front and Madison (thanks to the several people who sent them).  Don’t get real excited, because it won’t be a real Barnes & Noble or Bookstar.  Rather, it will be the college version like they have on the U of M campus, carrying mostly textbooks and gifts.  Curious to see what hours the Starbucks will be open though.

God.  I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.  Aquanet rocked the Saucer last night.  The place was possibly the most packed I’ve ever seen it.  Didn’t get a chance to dance with the Nuh-Uh Girl, even though I promised her I would.  Everyone was pretty much wasted by midnight.  I meant to go to Hoop’s Bar afterward but never made it.  My waitress whined that I haven’t yet mentioned her in my blog, even though I have.  “Yeah but not by name,” she replied.  Very well.  ATTN MEGHAN:  Professor Paul has an assignment for you.  Go to Wet Willie’s on Beale Street.  There’s a drink they serve there called Attitude Improvement.  You need to drink several large cups of it.  Actually, not several, but many.  And take your mini-me with you.  Not that I’ve detected a bad attitude in her yet, but it never hurts as a preventative measure.

Great article in the Commercial Appeal yesterday about the FedEx Labs inside the Emerge Memphis incubator.  They’re doing a lot of cutting-edge stuff there.  Mike W. who is interviewed is a member of the Rapscallions trivia team.

My favorite blogger/MILF e-mailed to tell me that she bought two new tube tops yesterday.  When do I get to see them?

Monday is the last Monday of the month, which means it will be Downtown Night at the Westin with free hors d’ouevres and DiAnne Price on the piano.

I’m going to save the announcement about the cool entrepreneurial event that Memphis may be able to land until Monday, because readership is significantly higher on weekdays and I want a lot of people to see this.

Time to get dressed and figure out where I’m going to watch the game.  Go Tigers!