Having to be up and out at a bar at 11 AM BOTH weekend days is exhausting.  Stupid Tiger game.  Glad yesterday’s was the last 11 AM Saturday game of the season.  Congrats to the Tigers on holding off Gonzaga and retaining their #1 ranking.  I hope we don’t get scheduled for any early morning games in the NCAA tournament.

After I got done watching the game, I went shopping at A. Schwab’s for a thermal shirt.  I’m sick of wearing a coat everywhere and having to keep up with it.  So I’m going to start layering 3 shirts deep and just doing away with the coat altogether, except on extremely cold days.  While at Schwab’s I noticed what a huge hot sauce selection they have – they probably carry 30 different varieties, made with every different pepper and spice imaginable.  If you’re a hot sauce fan, definitely check out Schwab’s.

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I was going to Schwab’s and he said, “Don’t buy the overalls there, they’re expensive.”  Dude, if you EVER see me in overalls, you have my full permission to shoot me on the spot.  Remember back in the ’90s when it was trendy to wear overalls to clubs?  That’s gotta rank right up there with the fauxhawk haircut as one of the stupidest trends ever.

Looking forward to the Super Bowl next Sunday, not because I give a crap about either team, but because a friend of mine throws the most awesome private Super Bowl party in all of Downtown.  I’ve been assigned the task of going out and finding cool and interesting people to invite to the party.  That’s a task I can handle.  Just don’t ask me to cook anything.  My attempts at cooking make the bar menu at Calhoun’s look like five-star cuisine by comparison.  The party will start early in the day, but I’ll still probably do an abbreviated version of my brunch routine beforehand (next week is week 1 McGuinness, and then of course the Saucer to kick Pete’s ass at pool) just to see who I can round up to bring with me.

And speaking of brunch… that’s where I’m headed in a few minutes.  It’s week 2 Majestic.  By the way… twice this week I’ve had people ask me where to go to get a good steak Downtown, and I recommended the Majestic.  Both people had the filet and came back and told me that it was one of the best steaks they’ve ever eaten.  The Majestic may not call itself a steakhouse, but it’s still earned a place at the top of a lot of people’s lists when they’re in the mood to chow on cow.

It’s possible my favorite blogger/MILF may make an appearance Downtown today.  We’ll see.

With no football this week, I have a feeling we have some of the worst TV imaginable to look forward to as we eat brunch.  I’m sure John D will have many witty and insightful comments.  Heading up there in a few minutes.