The Sunday evening drunkass post

Welcome to one of the most worthless posts in the history of this blog.  It’s Sunday evening at 10:26 PM.  I was out drinking at 11:26 AM.  You do the math.

The Majestic Grille has added the “John D breakfast” to their brunch menu.  It was previously known as the “pain in the ass” breakfast because it consisted of a bunch of a la carte items which weren’t on the menu at all.  I think it’s something like bacon, eggs and grits.  It’s $8 and is best consumed John D style with a Bud Light.

While we were at the Majestic we were watching TV, and there was a commercial showing a woman pushing a washing machine off a diving board into a swimming pool.   At the bottom of the screen it read “Do not attempt.”  I’m glad they had that warning there, because I was seriously considering going and finding a washing machine and pushing it off a diving board.  Did Zeppelin do that in Seattle on their ’69 tour?

Saturday I posted that one of the waitresses at the Saucer needed to go to Wet Willie’s and order a big cup of Attitude Improvement.  Well, her mini-me now needs an Attitude Improvement as well.  Today I got bored at the Saucer and decided to help them bring in business by adding decorations to their “Come in and try one of our 75 draft beers” sign outside.  Specifically, I decorated it by adding a cent sign after the “75.”  Would you believe that the mini-me followed me outside and erased my artwork?  That’s not very nice.

Drink recipe I overheard:  Coconut rum and hot chocolate.  It was apparently very popular yesterday after the Tiger game.

We’re talking about taking a field trip to The Cove on Broad Avenue (formerly The Beer Joint, but it’s a totally different concept now) Friday after work.  I’ve been waiting for over a year for this place to open, and am really looking forward to checking it out.  Looking forward to hanging out with the group both Friday at the Cove and Sunday at the Super Bowl party.  I invited a few people this weekend and will continue to pass out invites.

Random crap that drunk people asked me to put in my blog dept:  Jason Canada: Glad you’re well, from Johnny Mason.  Fancher, get buck, Johnny.  Also Colin (forgot his last name) is having his plate party Saturday.

Off to bed… forecast is for 59 tomorrow, which means it will be warm enough to wear sandals to work.