Tue/Wed drunk post

The Rapscallions came in third this evening in trivia.  Pete the Trivia Guy expanded the format this week, adding one new question per round.  Not only did trivia get longer, but weirder.  Sample question:  Which sleeping pill commercial features Abe Lincoln and a talking beaver?  Obviously our team got that one, because when I’m at the Saucer I’m all about the b… never mind, no good can come from finishing that thought.  Team member IQ was absent this week, as were many team members.  We had a team of 8, which for us is small.  We took third place, bringing our total to $365.

One post-trivia note I want to make:  Leo Lazarus has been playing after trivia for 5 years at the Saucer on Tuesday.  What I did not know is that anything you tip him goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  So come drink, listen, and give on Tuesdays.

We had a new waitress tonight, and because she did not know our names she nicknamed me “R1 longhair guy” on the receipt.  R1 is the rail nearest the door.  Here’s a picture one of the other waitresses drew in honor of my new nickname.


So anyway they were training 4 new waitresses tonight.  And that’s OK – the official Saucer training manual teaches about the different styles of beer, how to make a beer recommendation for the customer, etc.  But that’s not enough.

Therefore I present The Unofficial Saucer Training Manual – the training manual that teaches the REALLY important skills involved in working at the Saucer – how to sit on your ass, send text messages, and twirl your hair.  See pictures below.






See?  It’s not that had to do.  Just wanted to give you new girls the complete picture, things not found in the training manual.  The skills pictured above will occupy 85-90% of your time.


After I got done at the Saucer I went to McGuinness.  The exterminator was in there spraying.  Dude next to me at the bar commented on how bad the place smelled.  He was smoking a cigarette.


Post on entrepreneurial event is once again on hold, waiting for a website (to be used to take a vote which is important to Memphis) coming back online.