Day off from work… but not from blogging

BREAKING NEWS:  Pau Gasol just got traded to the Lakers.

Got a project that’s stalled at work… I’m working with a guy from our New York office on an XML project, but he became a new father this week and is out on paternity leave.  I’m too new to have the understanding of the system to get very far by myself, so this morning when I got home I thought, might as well burn one of my days off.  So I e-mailed my lead developer, went to bed, and woke up at noon.  At my company there’s no distinction between sick and personal days, just “days.”  I like that.  It means people don’t have to pretend to be sick when they need a day off.

Calhoun’s Sports Bar & Grill e-mailed to notify me that they WILL carry the Tiger game tomorrow.  This was one of the three games they thought they were not going to be able to show, but they arranged an Internet feed.  They say that the picture quality may not be up to HD standards through the feed, but the game will be on and the beer will be flowing.

Women for Obama are hosting an event tomorrow night, Saturday, February 2, in the downstairs of Pearl’s Oyster House at 7:30 PM.  They want to rally Obama’s female supporters but men are welcome too.  You can network with other Obama supporters, meet local staffers, and join a “Letter to the Editor” campaign to make the community aware of the presence of Obama supporters.  Hmmm… I don’t have plans tomorrow… and I like Pearl’s… and haven’t been there since Yoko’s birthday in November… and the crowd will be mostly women… and if they’re Obama supporters, that means they’ll be intelligent women.  Good chance I’ll show up.

Expect an update on The Red Rooster, the new club next to the Westin, very soon in this blog.  They’re looking at February 21 as a projected opening date.

Onix, the new chicken & waffles restaurant on South Main at Huling in the old Zanibar space, opens Monday.

Did you realize that this coming Tuesday is Fat Tuesday?  It really snuck up on us this year.  Easter is March 23, one of the earliest possible days.

The Dempseys were excellent last night at the Saucer.  First time I’ve heard them in over two months and they’ve added a lot of new songs to their set.  They’ll be at Blues City tonight and Saturday.  They’ll be back at the Saucer on the 28th, and out at the East Bumblefuck Saucer on the 29th.

Also last night, I finally turned the tables on the food-stealing situation at the Saucer.  In 2006 I inadvertently donated to the Feed Romania project, as the Romanian Sensation snuck fries off my plate.  In 2007 Feed the Zebras was the cause of choice – every time I ordered Rocket Tots, the little zebra-haired waitress would show up and start eating them.  But 2008 is the beginning of the Feed The Blogger movement.  As I was listening to the band, one of the waitresses took her meal break at the table next to me, but she had to leave her food to go get beer for her customers.  I managed to steal about a third of her fries before she caught me.

Field trip to The Cove as soon as everyone gets off work.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll report to the Second Street Branch Office for the afternoon shift.