Should I go for a second plate?


In November 2005 I completed my 200th different beer and got my plate on the wall at the Flying Saucer.  It took me two and a half years to do it.  People have asked if I plan on going for a second plate, and I’ve always said no.  I figure, I’ve tried them all once and have earned the right to drink only beers I like and discounted beers on Fire Sale.

However, a few months ago I changed my tune:  I would be willing to go for a second plate on one condition.  That condition is, if I could complete the 200 beers in exactly 67 days.  They only count three per day to avoid people getting wasted and driving home.  200 divided by 3 is 67 when you round.

Now, when I first thought about doing the plate in 67 days, it wasn’t possible, because I had upcoming out-of-town trips for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I was also considering moving my base of operations to the Downtown Blue Monkey once it opened.  However, now I’m in a position to do it… I don’t see any trips away from Memphis on the radar between now and May, and I’ve reversed my earlier decision about the Monkey and decided the Saucer will remain my base.  Also, if I start soon I can have the 200 done in time to throw my $100 plate party money in with Rapscallion Party VII, which will likely happen in late April.

Going to think about it over the weekend… don’t want to go ahead and start because tonight’s field trip to The Cove and Sunday’s Super Bowl party will prevent me from being at the Saucer long enough to drink 3 beers those days.  If I do it, Monday will be the start date.