Super Bowl: Either way, I win!

People have been asking all week who I’ll be rooting for in the Super Bowl.  Really, I don’t have a favorite team in this one.  I’ll be happy to see either team win.

Really, I don’t have much of a favorite team in the entire NFL.  I guess if I had to pick one it’d be the Titans since they’re nearby and they played here for a season.  Mainly though, when I watched the NFL this season I rooted for one thing:  The complete and total defeat and destruction of overrated, overhyped, overexposed Peyton Manning.  I wanted a season that would prove he’s not the football god that the media, Colts fans, companies whose products he endorses, and my favorite blogger/MILF make him out to be.  I’m sick of “Priceless Pep Talks.”  I’m sick of that commercial where he’s running down the hall.  I’m sick of his presence on my TV.
And that’s why I win either way today in the Super Bowl.  If the Giants win, little brother Eli did what Peyton was supposed to do this year.  That means companies who want commercials made will be talking to a different Manning next year.  I don’t have a problem with Eli.  If the Patriots win, then Tom Brady led his team to a perfect season.  That means there won’t be any question whatsoever that Brady is the best quarterback in the league, not Peyton.

If you agree with my opinion of Peyton and are on Facebook, there’s an “I hate Peyton Manning” group you can join.

(Edit:  A couple of people corrected me on this paragraph, he didn’t grow up in TN, he just went to school here.  Doesn’t matter.  He still sucks.  Wasn’t it great to see him sitting in a box watching the Super Bowl yesterday, instead of on the field?)  Yeah I understand that the guy grew up in Tennessee.  I still don’t understand why that means I should like him.  I can name many people who grew up in Tennessee and nonetheless suck.

Another reason I’ll win either way:  My friend Chuck is making his Italian roast beef for the Super Bowl party today.  But before I go to the party, I’ll hit McGuinness for this morning’s brunch, then the Saucer to see if Pete wants his Sunday ass-whipping on the pool table, then to Second Street Shoppers to pick up beer.  I’m so glad that little convenience store/deli is there.  Yesterday I was told they have wings at the deli now and that they’re really good.

Random stuff people asked me to put in the blog:  From Fancher: Canada you had a hell of a Saturday you punk.

Recap of yesterday:  Watched the game at the Saucer.  Hung out there until 5:00.  Got a bum thrown out who tried to panhandle me for a dollar in the restroom.  Got really wasted.  Watched the dart board fall off the wall.  That was weird.  Got a pic of it but I don’t have the camera right now.  Went to Rio Loco, thinking Mexican food would sober me up a little.  It would have, had I not ordered that jumbo margarita with dinner.  They gave me a T-shirt from their 2nd birthday party.  I’m  wearing it today.  After Rio Loco, it was time to go back to the Saucer.  Then to Hoop’s Bar, but only for a little while as I threw in the towel after only one beer.  I didn’t want last night to be a late night – wanted a full night’s sleep so I’d be ready for today’s Super Bowl party.

Time to get the day started… everyone have fun watching the game today.