Work on second plate begins today

I’ve decided to go ahead with my plan to get a second plate at the Flying Saucer.  Tonight I’ll start on the list of 200 different beers.  If I do 3 a day until I’m done, that would put me on track to finish Thursday, April 10.

Since it’s Pint Nite, my strategy for tonight will be “draft beers that do qualify for Pint Nite but never appear as Fire Sales during the rest of the week.”  That means I’ll have to resist the temptation to make Dos Equis Special Lager my first beer, as it very occasionally shows up as the Fire Sale.  Hmmm… IPAs seem to never be Fire Sales… maybe I’ll order Bridgeport IPA and Avery IPA at the same time, and taste-test them and figure out which one I like better.  Bridgeport has always been my IPA of choice, but I have friends who are big Avery fans, so I’ll give it a chance.

One question my friends and I have long asked is, “how much does it cost to get a plate?”  I’m going to attempt to answer that question by keeping a running tally the next 67 days.  Here’s how I’m going to count it:  The cost of the three beers plus the tip on those three beers, using my regular tipping strategy of 30% or a dollar a beer, whichever is more.  I’m not going to count the cost of food or additional beers ordered beyond the three that count.  If someone buys me a beer I’ll make note of it, but the amount I would have paid and tipped will still count toward the running total.  Needless to say I’m going to try to get the plate as cheaply as possible, avoiding the two $30 beers and some of the other pricey ones if I can.

Looking forward to learning about some new beers… a lot of the current ones were not around when I completed my first plate.  Not looking forward to having to deal with Turbo Dog and some of the other really disgusting beers.

Will be up there about 5.  Hmmm… forecast is high 72, low 62, bet the windows will be open today.  I may have to play the Window Game this evening.