As I walked down Main Street yesterday, John and Carlos, the owner and GM of Circa, stopped me to give me an exclusive:  Starting today (assuming the delivery shows up) Circa will be carrying one of Bosco’s beers.  Boscos has a warehouse at Main and Crump and they’re now wholesaling beer to a few select restaurants, and Circa will be the first place Downtown to carry their product.  They tell me the first beer they carry will be a pale ale, with a cream ale to follow next month.

I drank my first three Pint Nite beers last night, so I’m starting the running total.  They were

Bridgeport IPA, $2.50
Woodchuck Pear Cider, $2.50
Rogue Dead Guy, $2.50
Tip:  $1 x 3 beers = $3
Total: $10.50

My actual tab was $0, because when I went to pay I found that one of my blog readers had covered it.  Thanks!  Sometimes it’s nice to be a blogger.  I didn’t get a chance to taste-test Bridgeport vs. Avery because they were out of Avery.

A friend of mine pointed out a flaw in my “plate in 67 days” plan:  There are only 10 Pint Nites in those 67 days.  Due to the 3 per day rule, that means I’ll only be able to get 30 of the 68 or so Pint Nite drafts at the $2.50 price.  So there’s no way I can do a plate in 67 days and do a plate as cheaply as possible.

I’ll do beers 4, 5, and 6 tonight at trivia.  Think I may take the laptop with me tonight.  There’s a lot of Downtown info pages I want to add to the blog but haven’t had time.  Need to get Super Bowl pics up too.  That means there may be a drunk post tonight.

Time to decide where to go get lunch… I definitely want a burger, just not sure which burger.  It will either be the cheeseburger from Elliott’s, the mushroom swiss burger from Court House Deli, or the chili burger from Sam’s.  All excellent choices.  Hmm… leaning toward the chili burger.